With 10 decades of expertise and impeccable credentials, Accelerated Marketing Partners is a leading provider of real estate advisory services. We offer practical advice on virtually any real estate matter, including portfolio risk analysis, property valuations and strategies for resolving problem assets. We’ve experienced all types of market conditions—fast-growth, slow-growth and everything in between—and understand the nuances and actions that can lead to success or failure, regardless of the real estate environment.

Over the years, we’ve successfully closed real estate sales valued at more than $10 billion in all areas the U.S. We’re happy to discuss macro trends with you, but we also know that every real estate market has different characteristics. Strategies that are effective in one area may be less so in another. Based on our extensive experience and market research, we can identify and help you understand local or regional market conditions and trends.

We can advise you on a specific real estate issue, or help you develop a total marketing and sales plan for a development or property. Accelerated Marketing Partners’ headquarters offices on both the East Coast and West Coasts are staffed with experts who are ready to meet and discuss your goals and objectives.