Accelerated Marketing and Sales Services

Accelerated Marketing Partners offers alternatives to conventional marketing and sales approaches that can quickly and effectively address your real estate challenges.

We’ll accelerate marketing and sales efforts by immediately mobilizing an expert team of seasoned professionals to help you evaluate strategic alternatives, assist with decision-making and develop a dynamic program that meets your needs and accomplishes your goals. You’ll have access to our full-service capabilities and we’ll work within time constraints to efficiently execute your program.

Our goal is to maximize value and minimize risk for our clients, regardless of timing, property location or market conditions. This can be achieved by conducting auctions or accelerated sales or developing new conventional marketing programs.

Auctions of Multiple Units within a Single Project

With close to 50 successful auctions completed, Accelerated Marketing Partners' focus is the accelerated sale of select units within a luxury condominium project. Whether the goal is to sell out the project or re-release the project to the market, AMP's time-tested techniques generate awareness to the press, Broker community and end-users. Our marketing plan has proven over a multitude of projects to convert traffic into registrations, registrations into bidders and bidders into buyers.

Accelerated Sales of an Individual Luxury Single-Family Home

We’ve gathered our hard-earned and proven knowledge of how to successfully move high end, high rise real estate and applied it to the single-family luxury real estate market. Accelerated Sales is that vehicle. Visit our website for more details.