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Accelerated Marketing Partners is a national, full-service residential real estate marketing and consulting firm that specializes in the development and implementation of both conventional and accelerated sales and marketing programs. We provide market-driven solutions to developers and owners of all types of residential properties—from high-rise and low-rise condominiums to single-family attached and detached homes.

Our highly experienced team of real estate professionals conducts comprehensive market research and extensive analyses to determine the correct positioning and pricing of each property or community, and then plans and efficiently executes a customized, results-driven strategy to attract maximum buyer participation. Their innovative sales and marketing programs produce results. During the past decade, our principals have closed more than $10 billion in real estate sales throughout the U.S.

Accelerated Marketing Partners’ aggressive, hands-on approach will help you maximize the net present value of your project by minimizing absorption time and reducing holding costs. We are committed to providing exceptional service to clients, and understand that time is money. We are available to immediately begin working with you from concept to conclusion or any point in between to develop a strategic solution that achieves your real estate goals.

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